TATONKA LASTENKRAXE V2 #Tatonka #Lastenkraxe TATONKA LASTENKRAXE #Tatonka #Lastenkraxe Here is a new, never used, Tatonka aluminum outer frame back pack carrying system. This is the V2 system and is rated for loads up to 50kg (110lbs). We purchased this when we began researching packing larger cameras. We never used the pack frame, since we designed our own internal frame packs from scratch.
From the Tatonka web site;

Combination of aluminum frame and carrying system for loads of up to 50 kg. The Lastenkraxe carrier frame from TATONKA combines a resilient frame with the flexible V2 carrying system, thereby enabling you to carry very heavy loads. The carrier’s welded outer frame is made of aluminum and, with four diagonal cross bars, is extremely sturdy. The integrated stand ensures that even once you’ve put it down everything stays in place.

Features: V2 carrying system; Maximum frame load up to 50 kg; 25 cm deep arm; Diameter main frame tubes: 24 mm; Diameter diagonal frame tubes: 20 mm; Four diagonal cross bars; Stand


#Tatonka #Lastenkraxe
This pack frame is new, only a few scrapes here and there from being moved around in the storage closet.

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